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Sustainability has always been at the very core of all we do at Lost Barn Coffee. We focus on putting in place simple, honest and transparent systems that ensure our business treads as lightly on the earth as possible. Here are some of the ways we put the planet first:

  • Providing a circular zero waste scheme for our wholesale partners (the cafes, restaurants, pubs and other venues that we supply). We package their coffee in reusable, lidded plastic tubs which we then collect, sterilise and refill.
  • Our online store offers customers the option of purchasing their coffee in a reusable metal tin or a paper refill bag which is fully home recyclable. Coffee can also be purchased from our venue in this way.
  • All local wholesale coffee deliveries are made in our 100% electric van and we offer two electric vehicle charging points at our venue for public use.
  • To offset our carbon footprint we’ve planted over 2000 trees in a field located close by. This field also houses our market garden, apiary of beehives and flock of heritage free range chickens which supply our store with eggs and honey with zero food miles.
  • The coffee grounds generated by our café and chaff (which is a by-product of the coffee roasting process) are used as compost for our planting on site.
  • Our roastery and EV charge points are powered by solar energy provided by panels on our roof.
  • When empty, our hessian coffee sacks are expertly crafted into cushions, bags and other homewares, which are sold in our store to give them a second life.