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Lost Barn & Thomond Gate Collaboration

Lost Barn & Thomond Gate Collaboration

About the Collaboration

An ex-Ruby Port Finished Single Malt Cask, made from French oak, which was filled with Brazilian Bom Jesus Coffee beans which was matured for 180 days in Lost Barns Coffee Roastery in Tilston

About the Whiskey

Limerick Spirits Company, the proud custodian of Thomond Gate Limerick
Whiskey, is on a mission to restore the rich whiskey heritage of
County Limerick. Founded by Nicholas Ryan, our family-run company is
deeply rooted in the local tradition, celebrating the craftsmanship
and unique flavours of our region. From grain to glass, we are
committed to producing exceptional Irish whiskeys with unparalleled
quality, utilizing locally sourced grains and a meticulous maturation
process influenced by Limerick’s maritime climate.
Our whiskeys are a tribute to the spirit of Limerick, carefully
curated and matured to offer a distinctive taste that embodies the
essence of our homeland. With several accolades, including prestigious
awards from the International Wine & Spirit Competition, our
commitment to excellence is recognized worldwide.
Excitingly, our exquisite Thomond Gate Limerick Whiskeys can now be
purchased at our friend’s charming farm shop, Lost Barn at Old Hall
Farm in Tilston, SY14 7JE, England. This partnership allows us to
bring a piece of Limerick’s whiskey heritage closer to you. Whether
you’re a connoisseur or new to the world of whiskey, we invite you to
experience the depth and richness of Thomond Gate at Lost Barn, where
tradition meets quality in every bottle. Join us in celebrating our
journey and the revival of Limerick’s whiskey legacy.