Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

£14.60 - £20.40


This delectable offering is the result of a collaboration with Thomond Gate Whiskey, who provided us with matured French oak whiskey barrels which had previously housed port prior to whiskey, and which we then filled with green coffee beans for a six month period.  We selected the Brazil Bom Jesus beans from the Sao Paulo region of Brazil with their flavour profile of chocolate, walnuts and maple syrup which complement the strong whiskey notes rather than overpowering them.

Thomond Gate Limerick Whiskey is a independent family-owned whiskey company based in the heart of County Limerick, Ireland. They take pride in being passionate curators of flavour, specialising in crafting exceptional whiskeys through a meticulous selection process. Each sip of their multi-award winning whiskeys embodies their commitment to quality and tradition.

Tasting Notes
Chocolate / Nuts / Maple Syrup
Altitude Grown at
Mundo Novo
Best Served
Fazenda Bom Jesus, in Cristais Paulistas in the Alta Mogiana Region of Brazil, is the work of Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira.  The farms position and local climate make it ideally situated for the growth of healthy, productive coffee trees and their cherries.  140 hectares of natural reserve are carefully managed on the farm, to promote the diversity of its native flora and fauna, and best farming practises and skills recognised by the farm’s Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certification. Gabriel and Flavia are committed to the sustainable development of the region, both socially and economically. As founding members of the AMSCA (Alta Mogiana Speciality Coffee Association) they work to promote speciality grade coffee in the region and the education of best farming practices. The farm’s contribution to the local community is demonstrated through events such as GIMA, where 400 children from 9 local, small towns come together at the farm to compete in general knowledge and sports competitions to win prizes.


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