Our Story

The Lost Barn...

Story tells that the barn was ‘blown away’ in the catastrophic storm of January 1839. The Lost Barn became nothing more than an intriguing, noteworthy mention, scribed onto the old field maps of the historic Cheshire estate on which we’re sited.
A century and a half later, next to the site of The Lost Barn, our micro-roastery emerges amongst those ancient trees and pastures of the Cheshire countryside. With our hardworking, copper coffee roaster and skilled team, we are passionate about ethically sourcing top quality beans from far away continents and meticulously roasting them in small batches.
Bringing together many decades of experience immersed in the food and drink industry in both London and Melbourne, our team prides itself on its attention to detail and hand roasting techniques, creating coffee with mouth-watering depths of flavour and freshness.

Lost Barn Field