Commercial Coffee Machines & Equipment

The Lost Barn Coffee Roasters are able to advise and help with the sale, rental and leasing of reliable commercial coffee machine equipment. We work alongside a number of coffee machine experts who are on hand to offer the best advice and guidance depending on your businesses requirements.

Whether you are a small pub requiring a compact 1 group machine or a large coffee shop that needs a 4 group workhorse, our specialists can help tailor something to your business's requirements.

Typical Rental Example: £120 - £175 Per Month
2 Group Espresso Machine
OnDemand / Doser Grinder
Knock Box
Water Filter
Full Servicing & Repair Included
Delivery & Instillation

Servicing & Repair

All our partners offer servicing and repairs and always aim to be on hand to fix any future issues you may have. Machine Rentals often include Annual Service and Repairs, so you can have peace of mind that your equipment will always be looked after or repaired without it costing you more.

For more information on Commercial Coffee Machine Equipment Purchase, Rental or Leasing, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Online: Email us

Martyn - South East & London: 01580 392 066
Jo - North West: 01829 470 055

What about Free Equipment?

Generally we do not offer venues free equipment as our wholesale coffee is priced extremely competitively without the built in cost of equipment rental. Typically, it's fair to say that companies offering free equipment will add the equipment costs into the price you pay for the beans. We like to be transparent, so the costs for coffee and equipment will always be seperate and clear to see.

Please however contact us to discuss your requirements as every business and situation is different.