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Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder


Grinding your coffee from whole beans immediately before brewing really brings out the best in freshly roasted, speciality coffee. Electric grinders may do it faster, but manually grinding your coffee before brewing it turns coffee-making into a wonderfully satisfying ritual, one that is guaranteed to make coffee drinking all the more rewarding!

This stainless steel hand grinder has ceramic, conical burrs for a more even, uniform grind. The adjustable burrs allow for a variety of grind sizes, whether you want to achieve a coarse grind for a french press, medium coarseness for paper filters, or fine grind for an espresso machine. The body and burrs can be completed separated for washing, and the removable handle makes for easy storing of the grinder when not in use.

Presented in a hand-stamped hessian bag (complete with a handy guide!), this hand grinder is a great, neatly sized tool for people wanted to give fresh coffee grinding a try in their homes, or those looking for a portable solution for work or travel.

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