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Coffee Brew Methods

There are a number of ways to make your favourite coffee brew at home, all of which produce very different results. We will go thorough each of the most popular ones listed below. • Espresso • French press • Drip (Filter) • Moka Pot • Pour Over (Manual Filter) • Cold Brew It is worth […]

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Your Coffee and the Environment

Your Coffee and the Environment – How friendly is your choice! Finding an environmentally friendly coffee is not always as simple as it sounds. There can be many factors influencing the impact on the environment, such as the way it is farmed and moved around in its supply chain, to the way it is packaged […]

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Coffee Beans Roasted

Coffee Roast Guide – An Art or Science

Surprisingly to many, roasting coffee is a precise and creative art. In actual fact, when roasting you are actually undergoing a complex cooking process. Coffee roasting equipment can vary hugely, from high tech commercial units costing hundreds of thousands to a simple pan on a stove top at home. The truth is, there are endless […]

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Coffee Beans Explained

Coffee Varieties: There are two main varieties of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, with the Arabica bean making up three quarters of global bean sales. Coffee Arabica: Arabica beans have a higher quality than that of the Robusta bean, and have around half the caffeine content. This species makes up about 70% of the world […]

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