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Award Winning Coffees

Award Winning Coffees

2020 Awards

Bloomsbury Espresso Blend

Great Taste 2020 Tasting Notes:
Lightly roasted beans which really blend well together, producing a rich and well-rounded coffee with a balanced acidity. There are chocolate and caramel notes with a hint of biscoff biscuit flavour and a lovely nuttiness which develops into a bright and fresh acidity. Full-bodied, smooth, long finish - absolutely delicious!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Single Origin

Great Taste 1 Star 2020

Great Taste 2020 Tasting Notes:
Well roasted and an interesting bean. Thin crema, big fruit on the nose. Sharpness is there but needs to mellow slightly. A light touch of fruit works well. Good fruit, rich dark chocolate, and a hazelnut note throughout.

2019 Awards

Bloomsbury Espresso Blend

Great Taste 2019 Tasting Notes:
Nutty on the nose along with bright fruit, but on the palate the sweetness is somewhat suppressed, the acidity elevated. We glean notes of prune and also of almond, and there is some sweetness on the finish, but we'd have favoured a different ratio with the Brazil characteristics and the sweetness more prominent. Smooth however, almost velvety on the palate. Beautiful quality of bean, and a nicely uniform roast.

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